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The Colour Index™

Register today for the Colour Index™ and gain instant access to the industry source of classification information for dyes and pigments.


Exclusively available via SDC Enterprises, the Colour Index™ is an essential tool for colourant users, manufacturers and suppliers across a wide range of sectors incorporating the science of colour. The Index™ is relied upon by professionals in the textiles, paint, ink, plastics and cosmetics sectors, and is regarded as the world’s most authoritative method of dye and pigment classification.

Since its inception in 1924, the Colour Index™ has been constantly updated to provide an unparalleledsource of information on CI generic names, chemical structures, suppliers of particular dyes and pigments and the technical application of colourants. The Index™ is also relevant to a wide range of scholars and educational professionals involved in colour science, and can be found in a wide range of  academic settings across the world.

In addition to the live and evolving Colour Index™, professionals and academics can access historical editions of the classification with the Heritage Edition. Available as both a DVD and USB, hte Heritage Edition provides an insight into the evolution of the colour industry across seven decades.

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