Certificates of Conformity

SDCE products are guaranteed by a certificate of conformity, specifying that the item has been produced and independently tested to conform to the specifications of the relevant BS, EN or ISO Standard.

Browse and download certificates of conformity from our archive. Search by certificate number, product code or batch number. Please contact us directly if you can’t find the certificate you require.

CertificateBatchProduct CodeDescription
1105 A16 0921A161105Acrylic Adjacent Fabric
1105 A16 1293A161105Acrylic Adjacent Fabric
1105 A17 1348A171105Acrylic Adjacent Fabric
1105 A18 2252A181105Acrylic Adjacent Fabric
1120 A16 0921A161120Acrylic Adjacent Fabric 5m pack
1120 A16 1293A161120Acrylic Adjacent Fabric 5m pack
1120 A17 1348A171120Acrylic Adjacent Fabric 5m pack
1120 A18 2252A181120Acrylic Adjacent Fabric 5m pack
1205 DR25 1444DR251205Cotton Drill Fabric
1205 DR26 1669DR261205Cotton Drill Fabric
1205 DR27 1735DR271205Cotton Drill Fabric
1220 DR25 1444DR251220Cotton Drill Fabric
1220 DR26 1669DR261220Cotton Drill Fabric
1220 DR27 1735DR271220Cotton Drill Fabric
1220 DR27 1735DR271220Cotton Drill Fabric
1305 LA120 2384LA1201305Cotton Lawn Fabric
1305 LA121 2390LA1211305Cotton Lawn Fabric
1305 LA122 2402LA1221305Cotton Lawn Fabric
1305 LA123 2493LA1231305Cotton Lawn Fabric
1320 LA120 2384LA1201320Cotton Lawn 5m Pack

580 Certificates Found