Certificates of Conformity

SDCE products are guaranteed by a certificate of conformity, specifying that the item has been produced and independently tested to conform to the specifications of the relevant BS, EN or ISO Standard.

Browse and download certificates of conformity from our archive. Search by certificate number, product code or batch number. Please contact us directly if you can’t find the certificate you require.

CertificateBatchProduct CodeDescription
1605 N41 1602N411605Nylon
1605 N42 2257N421605Nylon
1620 N40 1524N401620Nylon
1620 N41 1602N411620Nylon
1620 N42 2257N421620Nylon
1705 P35 1670P351705Polyester Fabric
1705 P36 1979P361705Polyester Fabric
1705 P37 2151P371705Polyester Fabric
1720 P35 1670P351720Polyester Fabric - 5m pack
1720 P36 2151P361720Polyester Fabric - 5m pack
1720 P37 2151P371720Polyester Fabric - 5m pack
1731 P17CP 0351P17CP1731Polyester 10 x 4cm
1731 P17CP 1839P17CP1731Polyester 10 x 4cm
1731 P37CP 2305P37CP1731Polyester 10 x 4cm
1805 VR26 1342VR261805Viscose Rayon Fabric
1805 VR27 1452VR271805Viscose Rayon Fabric
1805 VR28 1808VR281805Viscose Rayon Fabric
1820 VR26 1342VR261820Viscose Rayon Fabric - 5m pack
1820 VR27 1452VR271820Viscose Rayon Fabric - 5m pack
1820 VR28 1808VR281820Viscose Rayon Fabric - 5m pack

565 Certificates Found