Certificates of Conformity

SDCE products are guaranteed by a certificate of conformity, specifying that the item has been produced and independently tested to conform to the specifications of the relevant BS, EN or ISO Standard.

Browse and download certificates of conformity from our archive. Search by certificate number, product code or batch number. Please contact us directly if you can’t find the certificate you require.

CertificateBatchProduct CodeDescription
1820 VR28 1808VR281820Viscose Rayon Fabric - 5m pack
1855 PVC20 2267PVC201855White Pigmented PVC Foil
1855 PVC21 2355PVC211855White Pigmented PVC Foil
1855 PVC22 2426PVC221855White Pigmented PVC Foil
1855 PVC23 2504PVC231855White Pigmented PVC Foil
1920 W27 1930W271920Wool Fabric - 5m pack
1920 W28 2268W281920Wool Fabric - 5m pack
1920 W29 2428W291920Wool Fabric - 5m pack
1930 W27 1930W271930Wool Fabric
1930 W28 2268W281930Wool Fabric
1930 W29 2428W291930Wool Fabric
1931 W24CP 1672W24CP1931Wool Fabric 10 x 4 cm (gimped)
1931 W27CP 2127W27CP1931Wool Fabric 10 x 4 cm (gimped)
1931 W28CP 2344W28CP1931Wool Fabric 10 x 4 cm (gimped)
1931 W29CP 2483W29CP1931Wool Fabric
2009 NW8 0648NW82009Non-Woven Wool Felt
2009 NW9 0692NW92009Non-Woven Wool Felt
2010 WF42 2328WF422010Woven Wool Felt Pads 90mm
2010 WF45 2360WF452010Woven Wool Felt Pads 90mm
2010 WF47 2403WF472010Woven Wool Felt Pads 90mm

580 Certificates Found