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Case Study – Dr Calvin YM Lam

Case Study – Dr Calvin YM Lam,

SDCE’S industry standard materials have been selected by Dr. Calvin YM Lam and global leading independent labs to help develop specialised quality manuals for renowned brands, keeping in mind the principles of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance).

According to Henley Cheung, CEO of GTE, ‘Dr Lam meticulously researched and selected reliable materials and tools as standard samples and equipment to establish an effective quality process under specific conditions.’

The main aim of this project is to enable customers to perform core tests at home as well as be invited to review the quality manual, therefore enhancing the quality of products and meeting expectations.

This project yields four major benefits:

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Increasing Cost-effectiveness
  • Supporting ESG and Integrity Policies
  • Adapting to the markets needs

Dr. Lam stated, “The brand sought a solution for consistent and reliable quality testing, aiming to deliver higher-quality products to its loyal customers. Products with sustainable quality should embody a mission to strengthen the bond with valuable customers, fostering positive relationships and loyalty.”

“By innovatively utilising SDCE materials, consumers can conduct tests at home. We are committed to designing the best user journey for the brand’s customers, playing a crucial role in the sustainable fashion industry. This approach supports quality assurance, cost savings, compliance with standards, performance optimisation and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Moreover, it offers user-friendly and practical quality control solutions to foster strong connections with valuable customers.”