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Detergent Launch

By July 3, 2014March 18th, 2021No Comments

SDCE are pleased to announce the launch of their new IEC Non Phosphate Reference Detergent A* (A star) containing optical brightening agent and enzyme (SDCE Reference Detergent Type 9).

SDCE’ A* detergent has a more even particle size distribution, determined by independent particle size analysis, than other versions on the market. This will ensure a more homogeneous product, and reduce de-blending when subjected to stresses in transport and storage. Testing also demonstrates that the even particle size improves dissolve rates considerably.

In addition to in use performance testing many other tests are conducted as part of SDC Enterprises extensive quality control, these include particle size analysis, peracid release and pH of the product.

Suitable for use in procedures specified in BS EN ISO 6330: 2012 (Reference Detergent 2), 60456 IEC: 2010 (E)