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GTE Verification Scheme gathers pace

By February 23, 2023March 1st, 2023No Comments

Six months on from its launch, GTE’s new verification scheme has been lauded as an industry essential for improving the safety of garments featuring snap and button fastenings. The scheme was created by GTE – SDCE’s longstanding distributor for Hong Kong and China – to ensure that test systems are being used correctly when assessing the safety of garments prior to sale.

The verification scheme features a unique kit comprising snap and buckle fasteners, sewn accessories and SDCE’s own verification fabric for consistent and reliable testing of equipment. By removing variables such as differing fabrics or fastenings, the kit allows technicians to put their own skills and equipment to the test when ensuring that fastenings meet international safety standards.

“We’ve been pleased with the feedback from our initial round of testing,” says GTE’s director Henley Cheung. “Technicians have indicated that the kit is simple and easy-to-use, while providing an essential tool in testing the safety of snap and button fastenings prior to retail, preventing potentially costly returns or, even worse, accidents at the consumer stage.”

Test systems such as GTE’s own SafGuard® assess the performance of garments featuring accessories in line with international Standard TSE CEN 17394-3 (2021). Using a clamp, test professionals apply a tensile force on a pre-prepared and pre-laundered sample until the snap fastening or button detaches from the material. The resulting tension gauge value indicates whether the accessory is sufficiently secure to meet the international safety standards required for retail, having simulated real-life conditions before pushing the fastening to its limits.

SDCE’s own verification fabric plays an integral role within the kit, standardising the base fabric element to ensure a fairer and more consistent approach to testing.

“It is very hard to find reliable fabrics for test continuity,” says GTE’S managing director Henley Cheung. “We selected SDCE verification fabrics as the core standard because they offer a constructive solution to any facility looking to monitor the ongoing quality of its procedures, technicians and equipment, while confidently comparing its results against the market standard.”

SDCE is fully supportive of GTE’s new venture and the selection of its verification fabric as the base materials for pre-prepared samples.

“Developed with SDCE’s extensive knowledge of textile testing at their core, SDCE’s verification fabrics are relied upon by industry professionals worldwide to assess the consistency of laboratory results,” says SDCE’s managing director Mark Yare. “By guaranteeing consistent results and removing the variables of the fabric and accessory, professionals can be assured that the skill, equipment and procedures are being correctly assessed.”

The verification kit includes both snap or buckle fasteners, and sewn accessories such as buttons. Other related instruments are also available upon request. To find out more and get a free sample kit, contact GTE Company.