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Meet the distributor: Ausiliari Tessili

By January 17, 2019March 18th, 2021No Comments

Italy is renowned worldwide for its fashion fabrics and, for quality to prevail, testing is key. For the leading fashion houses of Italy, only SDC Enterprises’ range of testing consumables can guarantee global consistency, as Italian distributor Luigi Villari explains.

Located just west of fashion capital Milan, SDCE distributor Ausiliari Tessili is somewhat of a local institution when it comes to textile testing. Its home nation of Italy sets the bar high when it comes to quality control, and the country’s appetite for testing consumables keeps purchasing manager Luigi Villari and his team in constant demand for the supply of SDCE products.

“Business across Italy is growing at the moment because of the high quality of Italian fabrics,” says Villari. “High quality requires more and more controls not only on the final product, but right along the supply chain. We constantly recommend goods such as standard reference materials for the developing and testing of new products, and business is growing as professionals put their trust in our range.”

It was Ausiliari Tessili’s own use of SDCE products that inspired Luigi Villari to investigate the possibility of becoming an official distributor for the brand over ten years ago.

“Our original business was focused on the supply of textile finishing chemicals and the quality control of customers’ dyed fabrics,” he says. “SDCE Multifibre fabric was an essential tool in performing our colour fastness tests, and SDCE products were a big part of our commitment to delivering an excellent after-sales service to our customers. We began to re-sell SDCE products to Italian textile testing labs in 2007, and soon widened our business to companies nationwide supplying British and European brands.”

Ausiliari Tessili was appointed as SDCE’s official distributor for Italy in 2013, and the operation has grown steadily ever since. In total 14 people are employed by the business, selling SDCE consumables to end users in Como and Milan, as well as regions further afield such as Biella, Prato and Vicenza via a network of resellers.

“Italian fashion producers trust that tests performed by any world partner in laboratories using SDCE standard materials will guarantee consistent results,” says Villari. “SDCE products are recognised and used all over the world, and we are strengthening our relationship with customers in southern European countries such as Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia.”

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