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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Sodium Percarbonate

SDC Enterprises has responded to a change in Standard with the launch of an alternative product, offering testing professionals a wider choice in colour fastness testing procedures.

Following concerns raised in the industry about the boron content of Sodium Perborate, ISO 6330:2021 has been updated with new methodology that allows the use of Sodium Percarbonate as an alternative addition. While Sodium Perborate remains an acceptable component for ISO 6330:2021, SDCE has launched Sodium Percarbonate as a new product line, giving testing professionals an alternative option in line with the updated Standard.

“Professionals may prefer Sodium Percarbonate as an alternative addition, due to some concerns over the boron content of Sodium Perborate and its hazard classification,” says SDCE’s technical manager Jonathan Foister. “As the industry’s leading supplier of trade consumables, we evolve to keep abreast of changing BS, EN and ISO Standards, and are pleased to be able to offer this alternative product with immediate effect.”

The updated version of ISO 6330:2021 also stipulates that an alternative detergent – SDC Liquid Wool Detergent Reference 7 – may be used in place of reference detergents 3 and 6. SDCE has added a liquid wool wash detergent 7 to its range in line with this new methodology, and will officially launch the product in due course.

SDCE’s Sodium Percarbonate is available in 2kg tubs and, in line with the supplier’s entire range of consumables, will be supported by certificates of conformity which can be downloaded here. For sales enquiries, contact