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SDC Enterprises Celebrate 25 Years of SDC Multifibre DW Test Fabric Production

By March 4, 2011August 16th, 2021No Comments

SDC Enterprises Ltd, has recently celebrated the first 25 years of continuous production of their market leading SDC Multifibre DW test fabric. This pioneering multifibre test fabric has been an outstanding success story for SDC Enterprises Ltd, which is recognised worldwide for its consistent production of quality products for colour fastness testing.

SDC Multifibre DW adjacent fabric is a leading edge quality product which is used by dyehouses, printworks, dye and chemical manufacturer’s, retailers and accredited test houses across the globe. Indeed major UK retailers have, for this reason, specified SDC Multifibre DW in their own standards. The reason is simple. SDC Multifibre DW adjacent fabric is under the completed production control of SDC Enterprises Ltd, in Bradford, UK. This has ensured continuity of product quality and supply to customers and has provided a consistent, assured high quality standard for each metre produced. Thus those involved in colour fastness testing have been able to demonstrate their use of the highest quality material to both accreditors and also to those commissioning the tests.

SDC Multifibre DW thus represents 25 years of excellence and of continuing service and support to the textile coloration industry. Apart from SDC Enterprises Ltd’s own in-house quality control testing procedure in accordance with ISO 105 F10 the batches of SDC Multifibre DW are also tested by internationally accredited independent laboratories to ensure consistent product quality.

Retail brands worldwide are now familiar with the problems that can arise if inferior quality goods are passed off to consumers as something they are not. If test consumables are not of the highest quality the result can be serious, leading to customer rejection, retailer claims and loss of future business.

SDC Enterprises Ltd took the innovative step to introduce a thread that includes visible SDC® logos for identification and micro characters for security purposes to ensure that each metre of SDC Multifibre DW adjacent fabric is clearly identified as SDC. This enables testers to demonstrate their commitment to use the highest quality material to both accreditors and to those commissioning the tests.

SDC Multifibre DW is supplied in combination with clearly branded packaging and certificates of conformity. Indeed SDC Multifibre DW can be identified throughout its extensive supply chain, right up to and including the final test report. The certificate of conformity confirms the quality excellence that is the hallmark of SDC Enterprises Ltd’s product range and is free of charge. This clearly identifies batches of SDC Multifibre Fabric DW which contain the security thread. Registered customers benefit from an additional quality initiative instituted by SDC Enterprises Ltd, namely, that the certificates of conformity can be downloaded online at

It is this continuing attention to detail in production and through assured quality control procedures that SDC Multifibre DW is now recognised as the major brand worldwide. With distributors in over 50 countries the textile coloration industry globally can be assured of a quality standard second to none and consistency of product quality from SDC Enterprises Ltd, a member of the British Textile Manufacturers Association (BTMA).