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SDCE Verification fabrics set the Standard worldwide

By March 21, 2023March 23rd, 2023No Comments

Test materials specialist Fineetex Co. has adopted SDCE’s range of verification fabrics to assess its extensive range of testing equipment. The Hong Kong-based company – which has become a global player in the quality control of textiles and toys since its inception in 2003 – has incorporated the verification range to add an extra level of reassurance to customers.

SDCE’s verification fabric are now an essential tool in the ongoing quality of control of Fineetex’s range of testing tools, which include crockmeters, circular cutters, fabric weight balance machines and sharp edge testers. The incorporation of the fabrics adds a point of reference result to the firm’s certificates of conformity, further cementing its position as a reputable supplier of reliable machines and their related physical test materials (Schröder), such as corkliners and felt sleeves.

“It is very hard to find reliable test fabrics for test continuity,” said a spokesperson for Fineetex Co. “We selected SDCE verification fabrics as our core standard, because they offer a constructive solution to any facility looking to monitor the ongoing quality of their procedures, technicians and equipment.”

The incorporation of SDCE’s verification range came about as part of a collaboration among Fineetex, LabTEX, GTE and a range of other textile testing specialists. As SDCE’s long-standing distributor for Hong Kong, those at the helm of GTE are advocates of the SDCE range, which offers unrivalled quality and consistency across textile testing consumables for testing at BS, EN and ISO Standards.

And Fineetex Co. is not alone in its adoption of SDCE verification fabrics. More and more test specialists across Hong Kong and worldwide have adopted SDCE’s verification range as core standard samples, as part of a wider commitment to stringent quality control.

“We watch our customers make strides and develop solutions, and it energises us to improve test reliability through innovation,” says GTE’s managing director Henley Cheung. “We noticed that retailers and brands are increasingly looking to test their products repeatedly within a simulated retail environment to identify any potential quality issues prior to consumer complaint.

“SDCE’s verification fabrics have become an essential tool for many independent labs as a core standard sample. We use the fabric ourselves to simulate real-life conditions with our standard washers, such as LabTEX M8 (ISO) and LabTEX M6 (AATCC) to do both crucial tests in colorfastness and washability, such as dimensional stability. And, having seen how they improve test continuity, we were keen to extol the virtues to our associates at Fineetex Co.”

By guaranteeing consistent results and removing the variable of the base material, SDCE’s verification range assures professionals that the skill, equipment and procedures of their facility are being correctly assessed for quality control purposes.

Find out more about SDCE’s verification range here.